Giving Oklahoma Students a Competitive Edge – Resources for New School Report Cards

The Oklahoma State Department of Education is preparing resources to help educators and family members talk about the new multi-measures Oklahoma School Report Card and interactive accountability dashboard.

A reminder: State and federal law require states to issue annual report cards that include a variety of measurements and meaningful differentiation among schools. OSDE is developing resources to help districts and families talk about the new Oklahoma School Report Card, which is a total reset in how the state looks at school performance.

The guiding principle of the new report cards is that all students can grow and all schools can improve, which is reflected in a new, user-friendly dashboard that houses the school report card and other contextual information about students and schools. Built with a focus on helping all students grow and improve, the dashboard will contain a wealth of nuanced information schools and communities can use to support students and lift academic outcomes.

Resources will be added between now and December 18, the report card’s expected release date. Among those available now are a working timeline (UPDATED 11/27); frequently asked questions; a training and dashboard demonstration; slide shows on the dashboard system and the importance of attendance; and academic achievement scale score targets and academic growth performance bands for 2017-18.

Coming soon: e-learning modules and spotlight documents focused on individual indicators, an overview video, a flyer for families and calculation guides.

To see these and additional Oklahoma School Report Card resources, click here or visit

For questions about the Oklahoma School Report Card, contact the Office of Accountability at (405) 522-5169.