Time Trekkers Book Club

Time Trekkers is a historical fiction book club. Members of this club will read 8 historical fiction books set in various geographic regions of the United States that represent various significant events and eras of American history.

Members of Time Trekkers will be expected to read assigned books, complete activities, participate in fundraising projects, and once a month meetings. The club will be limited to 25 middle school students.

At the end of the school year, Time Trekkers would like to take its members on a trip of historical significance. However, a trip is not guaranteed. The trip will be strictly dependent upon the amount of funds raised during fundraising activities. If a trip is taken, members of Time Trekkers will be able to visit historical sites that will correlate with one or more of the books read throughout the year.

To be eligible for the trip, members must: (Please read all requirements carefully.)

  • Read 8 required books, pass a book test over each of the 8 books, and complete reader’s response sheets for each that adequately demonstrates the member has read the book. All must be completed by set deadlines.
  • Attend club meetings (only meetings missed due to school related events or an absence {as long as the absence is excused} from school on the day of the mtg. will be excused).
  • Participate in scheduled fundraisers.Have no more than 6 absences from school (any class) each semester (This includes excused absences due to excessive visits to the dr.) (Absences due to extra-curricular school activities are not counted against the 6 absences)
  • Give at least 2 hrs notice if the member cannot be at a scheduled event/fundraiser in which he/she has made a commitment to attend.(If a student is a no-show he/she will automatically be removed from the club.)
    • Even after meeting these requirements, the trip is not guaranteed. It is solely dependent upon the funds raised. If there is not a significant amount of funds raised to take a trip, the funds which are raised will be used to plan a final celebration event as a culminating activity for those students who have participated in and met the requirements of the club.
    • If we are able to travel, parents/guardians are welcome to go on the trip, but they must pay for their own lodging, admission fees, food, and gas as well as provide their own transportation.Only students and school sponsors will be allowed to travel on the bus.
  • From past experience, some students can be lax helping with fundraisers, especially the selling of items. Often times, only a few students do most of the selling and take up the slack of those who don’t put forth the effort to meet their quota. If a member does not meet his/her quota for a fundraiser, then he/she will need to make a payment toward the trip in an amount equivalent to the worth of the fundraiser. (Example:If a member only sells $20 worth of an item and the quota is $30, then he/she would need to make a $10 payment to equal $30.)

IMPORTANT! Health issues regarding the trip:

Book club summer trips will be fun but very strenuous! The students will be on go all day most every day. Many times we will start at 7 or 8 in the morning and not finish with tours, activities, and events until 8 or 9 at night. Much of our hours will be spent walking. Because it is during the summer, the weather is generally hot and sometimes humid. If your child has medical or physical limitations that require extra supervision due to problems such as, but not limited to: heat exhaustion, heart condition, inability to walk long distances or for long periods of time, major food allergies, need for more than average resting/stopping periods, meds required that the student cannot administer to him/herself, etc., then the parent/guardian will need to plan on attending as well. Book club sponsors will not be able to take care of a child with major health issues as well as his/her own parent/guardian. Also, the liability for the sponsors and the school is too great a risk. As you previously read, all parents/guardians will have to pay their own way and provide their own transportation.