Dr. Alan Bryant

Dr. Alan Bryant has been hired as the new superintendent of Idabel Public Schools. Bryant
served as the assistant superintendent for the school district for the past six years. Prior to that,
he was the high school principal and an elementary principal. His teaching career began in
Idabel in 2004 as a middle school math teacher.

Dr. Bryant plans to continue the positive momentum of Idabel Public Schools as the district’s
new superintendent. He believes the school district has made positive strides in becoming the
premier district in our region of the state. The district has completed large upgrades to its
facilities lately and all the extra-curricular activities are top-notch.  One of Bryant’s top goals is
to renew the district’s focus on academic achievement. The district has a great team of
educators who want to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills they need to be
successful in college and careers. Part of increasing the success rates of students after high
school requires a focus on both academic opportunities and support, as well as reducing the
chronic absenteeism of students. Additionally, Bryant intends to expand rigorous coursework
options that will challenge and engage students at all levels. Continuing the work with area
colleges and universities to establish dual credit coursework that allows students to gain college
credit along with high school credit is a huge priority. Bryant would like to see students be able
to earn an associate degree by the time they graduate high school if that is their desire.
Engaging with parents and community members is another of Bryant’s strategic goals. By
creating an environment of collaboration, partnership, and transparent communication the
district will be able to set a strategic plan for the next five years. He hopes to leverage
community resources to provide additional opportunities and supports for students. Dr. Bryant
intends to utilize the Continuous Strategic Improvement Plan developed by the Oklahoma State
School Boards Association to help with this process. Bryant intends to promote the strong and
positive brand of the school and community to areas outside of the county and utilize it as a
recruiting tool for top-notch teachers.