Kaelin Clay 2020

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister recently announced that 104 Oklahoma high school students have been named to her 2020 Student Advisory Council, the fifth consecutive year the group has been convened to assist Hofmeister and the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) in matters of policy.

Dominant themes voiced by last year’s Student Advisory Council were the importance of personal financial literacy, increased awareness of student mental health needs, and how trauma affects chronic absenteeism and student success. Feedback from the Council has been instrumental in state-level initiatives to provide teachers more professional development in trauma-informed instruction, replace end-of-course high school testing with ACT or SAT, and pilot Individual Career Academic Planning (ICAP).

This year Idabel High School Senior Kaelin Clay was selected to participate in this very prestigious group. Miss Clay was one of several students from Idabel recommended by Superintendent Doug Brown this year. Kaelin is one of two students from McCurtain county to be selected for the council.

Kaelin is the daughter of Vic and Karla Clay of Idabel. Kaelin’s mother, Karla, teaches vocal music at Idabel Middle School.