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Essential Resources for Families

Source: State Department of Education

As schools move to distance learning in the wake of COVID-19, families and caregivers are now facing a new role in ensuring their children are taking the necessary steps to finish schoolwork each day at home.

Learn how to maximize your child’s at-home learning time by following the tips for families below.

  • Work with your child to designate a space for learning that will limit distractions as they complete their school work.
  • Create a schedule. At times when life does not feel normal, helping students stay on a routine is helpful. Remember to maintain time for breaks, lunch and snacks, as well as walks and play.
  • Allow children time to interact with friends virtually or on the phone. This will help them maintain relationships and continue to build their social skills.
  • Emphasize that learning will continue even though it is not occurring in the normal setting.

NOTE: Additional resources for families will be posted soon.