The Oklahoma State Department of Health announced that beginning Monday, COVID-19 vaccines will become available to the next phase of eligible recipients. This includes those remaining in Phase 2 of the state's vaccine priority framework. This newly eligible group includes a variety of elected officials, including school board members.

More vaccination information is available on the State Health Department website. For school board members who want to be vaccinated, you have a variety of options to consider for obtaining a vaccination appointment:

  • State vaccination portal. 
    • Register at Read the questions carefully and answer yes to the question that asks: "Are you a public health worker supporting front line efforts; or a senior state, county, or city government leader or elected official?"
    • If you have already registered in the portal but did not answer yes to this question, you may re-register by using a different email address or changing some other aspect of your registration (adding, changing or leaving blank the middle name/initial field or switching your first/middle name).
    • You will receive a link via email on Monday allowing you to schedule an appointment through the portal.
  • Independent county health departments
    • The Oklahoma City-County and Tulsa Health Departments share additional vaccination opportunities on their websites, and those are open to any eligible Oklahoma resident.
  • Major pharmacies.
  • Local pharmacies.
    • A variety of local pharmacies now offer COVID-19 vaccines. Calling or checking social media accounts are good ways to verify offerings.
  • Native American Tribes.
    • Many Native American tribes are offering vaccination opportunities, including for non-natives under certain conditions.
  • Vaccine Finder Website. 
    • This website offered by CDC and other partners can be helpful in locating where vaccine appointments may be available.